Revit Toilet Room Accessory Library (140 Families)

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- Hand Dryer - 11 Families
- Mirror - 10 Families - 42 parametric sizes in all
- Paper Towel Dispenser - 13 Families
- Paper Towel Dispenser/Waste Receptacle - 19 Families
- Sanitary Napkin Disposal - 08 Families
- Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Vendor - 05 Families
- Soap Dispenser - 12 Families
- Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser - 05 Families
- Toilet Seat Cover/Toilet Tissue Dispenser - 04 Families
- Toilet Seat Cover/Toilet Tissue/Sanitary Napkin Dispenser - 04 Families
- Toilet Tissue Dispenser - 38 Families
- Waste Receptacle - 11 Families
Total - 140 Families
- counting size variations - 172 different toilet room accessories

This library contains commercially available representations.

Families are constructed as multi-view 2D families. They are NOT visible in 3D Views.
This method eliminates complex 3D geometry while maintaining visual fidelity in plan, elevation and section views.

1. We use abbreviations in the family names to shorten the display names in your project component drop-down list.
    PT = Paper Towel
    SN = Sanitary Napkin
    TT = Toilet Tissue
    TSC = Toilet Seat Cover

2. Parametric Mounting Heights allow positioning for design requirements.
Default mounting heights for many items match ADA recommended heights.

3. These library components vary in detail displayed based on the current view's "Detail Level" setting.
It is recommended to start with a Medium Detail Level. Adjust for more or less detail as required.

4. Counter-Top components default to 2'-7" height.
If components are not visible in plan, adjust the Mounting Height parameter to the desired level.

VERSION:  Revit 2020

UNITS:  Imperial

FILE SIZE:  74.89 MB (ZIP)

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