Revit Tile Patterns (22 files)

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Revit Hatch Patterns for ceramic tile with standard tile sizes (4", 6", 8").

We've created 22 model patterns that match the most common patterns used in tile walls.  

 All Yellowbryk patterns are named for intended purpose so users KNOW which is the correct pattern.  No more "hunt and guess" for patterns.

  • Tile pattern names start with the word "Tile" followed by the size of the tile, then a pattern number (Tile 4x4-Pattern03). 
  • There are seven patterns for 4" tiles, seven similar patterns for 6" tiles and seven similar patterns for 8" tiles, plus one pattern for 1"x1" tiles.


File Size:  4 KB (zip)

Version:  Revit 2022, 2021, 2020

Units:  Imperial


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