Revit Plumbing Fixture Library (69 Families)

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- Lavatories - 31 Types
- Urinals - 18 Types
- Water Closets - 20 Types
total - 69 Types

This library contains commercially available representations.

Families are constructed as multi-view 2D familiesThey are NOT visible in 3D Views.
This method eliminates complex 3D geometry while maintaining visual fidelity in plan, elevation and section views.  

1. Some Water Closets (toilets) will insert offset from the back wall.
This occurs so the recommended mounting postition is maintained for the particular model/design.

2. To aid in dimensioning to Water Closets, invisible lines mark the front of the bowl in plan views.

3. Parametric Mounting Heights for lavatories and urinals allow positioning for design requirements.
Default mounting heights for many items match ADA recommended heights.

4. Some fixtures look identical in one view. The appearance may vary in other views.
In some cases the difference between models because of differences in the attached faucets or valves, which are not shown.

Version: Revit 2020

Units:  Imperial

FILE SIZE:  36.03 MB (ZIP)

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