Revit Paint Materials_PPG (7 files)

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These sets of Revit Paint Materials represent PPG paints:

  • PPG Timeless Flat
  • PPG Speedhide Zero Flat
  • PPG Speedhide Interior Latex
  • PPG Speedhide Exterior Acrylic
  • PPG Pure Performance Flat
  • PPG Manor Hall Interior Flat
  • PPG Manor Hall Exterior Flat

Sample images show only a small fraction of the paint colors available from Speedhide Interior Latex.  Most files have hundreds of colors.

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Version: Revit 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

File Size:  32MB to 35MB (zip files)

These .ADSKLIB files are available free from other sources - or you can download them all now for a small transaction fee (49 cents).

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