Revit Line Style Collection - All Line Styles for all Line Weights

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A collection of every Line Style for each of Revit's 16 Line Weights.  All styles are black.

We built all the possible default line styles for all the possible line weights so you don't have to.  If you are building a Revit project template, you will love this collection of line styles.  Each Line Type has its own detail view so you can pick and choose which types you want to import into your template.  Just use "Insert fro m File" to load all 16 Lines Style sizes at one time.

With these Styles, you will never need to create all those line styles yourself. As you probably know, it takes 6 steps (6 mouse clicks plus some typing) to create each line style. There are 14 default line patterns.  So to create all these yourself, you would have to create 14x16 = 224 line styles.  We have already done all those mouse clicks (224 x 6 = 1,334) to make this collection - AND to make your job easier.

Revit Default Line Styles included:

  • Center
  • Dash Dot Dot
  • Dash Dot
  • Dash
  • Demolished
  • Dot
  • Double Dash
  • Grid Line
  • Hidden
  • Long Dash
  • Loose Dash
  • Overhead
  • Solid
  • Triple Dash

File Size:  392KB or less (depending on version selected)

Version:  Revit 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

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