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Revit Dental Equipment Set (62 Families)

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Immediate Download

This set of Revit Dental Equipment families will make a good addition to your BIM Object Library:

These families are available free from the source below - or you can download them now for a small transaction fee.

  • Amalgamator

  • Analgesia Inhalation Unit

  • X-Ray Storage Cabinet

  • Operatory Dispensing Cabinet

  • Operatory Storage Cabinet

  • Dental Operating Chair

  • Dental Procedure Chair

  • Dental Radiographic Chair

  • Dental Laboratory Chair

  • Pneumatic Dental Chisel

  • Dental Steam Cleaner

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Dental Operatory Sink

  • Dental Operatory Console

  • Dental Treatment Console

  • Dental Burnout Furnace

  • Porcelain Glazing Furnace

  • Porcelain Vacuum Furnace

  • Dental Laboratory Handpiece

  • Dental Acrylic Fume Hood

  • Dental Operating Light

  • Dental Microfinisher

  • Vacuum Mixer-Investor

  • Mobile Oral Surgery System

  • Curing Oven

  • Electrochemical Polisher

  • Hydraulic Press Flask

  • Ultrasonic Prophylaxis Unit

  • Dental Oven Vacuum Pump

  • Dental Cone Beam Radiographic Unit

  • Resin Curing Unit

  • Dental Imaging System Sensor

  • Dry Heat Sterilizer

  • Dental Operating Stool

  • Boilout-Curing Tank Assembly

  • Casting-Soldering Torch

  • Dental Model Trimmer

  • Dental Utility Center

  • Dental Vibrator

  • Dental Washer-Disinfector

  • Orthodontic Tack Welder

  • Dental Casting Workstation

  • Microblasting Workstation

  • Dental Laboratory Polishing Workstation

Source: NIBS

Version: 2015

File Size:  21.60 MB (zip)