Revit DataComm Rack Collection (3 flexible families)

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Three Revit Families:  All include standard sizes PLUS parametric dimensions for easy customization. 

  • Standard Rack - 3 Standard sizes
  • Server Rack - 4 Standard sizes
  • Universal Rack - 24 Standard sizes - A catalog file is included to minimize impact on your project.

If you've tried to use manufacturer-supplied Revit families, you will appreciate the ones made by Yellowbryk. 

No need to manage multiple manufacturer model numbers to get the ones you need.  These are parametrically driven so you can place the family and just change the Type to get a different size after it is placed. 

The families even include named parameters for construction dimension.  This enables easy customization without digging into the guts of the family in Revit's family editor.

  • ZIP File Size:  799kb, RFA file sizes range from 300kb to 312kb
  • Release:  Revit 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • Units:  Imperial

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