Revit Astragal Profile Set (7 families)

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An astragal is used to seal a pair of double doors. It is designed to be applied to one of the doors at their meeting edge. The astragal closes the clearance gap for the purpose of either providing a weather seal, ensuring privacy, preventing sound from leaking in or out of a room and minimizing the passage of light between the doors.

This set of seven (7) Revit profiles can be used to make a good variety of astragals.

To make the object in Revit use the Sweep tool.  Pick the edge of the door to define the path.  Next use one of these families to define the profile.


  • ZIP File Size:  1.4 MB, Individual Revit profile family sizes vary - 236kb to 244kb
  • Release:  Revit 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • Units:  Imperial

 Click on image to cycle through the profiles included

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