Revit Access Door Collection (14 families)

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This is a collection of 14 flexible Revit families in industry standard sizes. 

This library has been designed to include the most used access doors in an architectural project. 

It even includes walk-through duct doors.

Access Door types included:

  • Ceiling, Flush
  • Ceiling, Flush, Fire Rated
  • Ceiling, Recessed
  • Duct
  • Floor, Flush
  • Floor, Recessed
  • Roof Hatch
  • Valve Box, Flush
  • Valve Box, Surface Mount
  • Walk-Through
  • Wall, Flush
  • Wall, Flush, Fire Rated
  • Wall, Flush, Security
  • Wall, Recessed


  • ZIP File Size:  3.4 MB, individual family sizes vary from 296kb to 320kb
  • Release:  Revit 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • Units:  Imperial

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