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Partner with Yellowbryk

Why become a Yellowbryk Partner?

  • Broad exposure for your products

  • Enterprise class on-line store

    • Always-open” uptime statistics

    • Responsive design that runs on computers, tablets and phones

    • Secure, immediate, hands-free product delivery

  • Full control of images, descriptions and prices

  • Income without administrative hassles

  • One-on-one assistance with loading products


Why will your customers like the Yellowbryk platform?

  • Easy access to your quality Revit content

  • Immediate download of families

  • Easy payment by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, or Amazon Pay

  • Enterprise class on-line store interface and features

    • Search by brand, category or keyword

    • Multiple images with a magnifying function

    • Product comparisons

  • One-stop-shopping for the widest selection of Revit families anywhere


How will this process work?

  • We take care of all operating details

    • Hosting

    • eCommerce software

    • Payment gateway

    • Product shipping/delivery

  • NO monthly hosting fee

  • NO limit or fees on the number of products hosted

  • NO limit or fees on the volume of data downloaded

  • Easy product loading / updating using Excel

  • You pay only a modest download fee on products you sell – a percent of your product price

  • Monthly payment checks



About Yellowbryk

Yellowbryk is the grand-daddy of on-line Revit content stores. We started in 2006 and have been in operation continuously while others have come and gone. We know how to survive and how to grow.

Our mission is to make building information modeling tasks easier. As part of the mission, we build quality content, and we know you do too.  A couple of years ago we switched from an order-ship-bill method to an integrated eCommerce platform to provide our customers with immediate downloads and to automate payment processing.  Our customers liked the changes, but we knew we could do better.

We also began to focus on growth using SEO and social techniques, with dramatic results

  • Site visits have grown 25 - 30% per year.

  • Revenue is up four-fold in first-quarter 2017

 We continue to focus on growth. In the first quarter we integrated our store with Facebook, providing access to about a billion potential viewers. In the second quarter we have added Google pay as an option. Going forward we will be evaluating potential integrations with other social and commerce platforms.

We believe that when you partner with yellowbryk, we can generate some of those results for you.

I'm looking forward to talking to you soon.


Bruce Madsen, CEO

Formerly - Design Technology Manager at HOK's San Francisco office.  Yes, I know BIM and Revit.


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