How to change Revit's default font (Arial)

How to change Revit's default Arial font:

  1. Open a blank Revit template file.
  2. Add new fonts to the template.
    1. On the Annotate tab, click on the Text tool.
    2. In the Type Properties dialog, click on the Edit Type button.
    3. Click on the Duplicate button and type the new font name.
    4. Change the Text Font property to the new font name to match the Type name.
    5. Repeat this process for each font in the text Type Properties dialog. There will be several Arial fonts, one for each size.
  3. Change the fonts within each of Revit's Dimensions Styles.
    1. Aligned dimension style
    2. Linear dimension style
    3. Angular dimension style
    4. Radial dimension style
    5. Diameter dimension style
    6. Arc Length dimension style
  4. Change the fonts within annotations that are in your template
    1. Text Notes
    2. Schedules
    3. Tags
      1. Wall tags
      2. Window tags
      3. Door tags
      4. etc.
    4. Symbols
      1. Elevation symbols
      2. Section symbols
      3. Grids and Level symbols
      4. etc.
  5. Change the fonts within Revit families that contain text.
    1. Families within your template
    2. Families in your firm's family library