Revit Add-Ins - Door Factory

Posted by Yellowbryk on 15th Apr 2017

Every building needs doors. And the OOTB Revit® door families are not sufficient for most real architecture or interiors projects. This is why most firms start their BIM object library with a co … read more
Revit Add-Ins - Family Editor Interface

Revit Add-Ins - Family Editor Interface

Posted by Yellowbryk on 28th Mar 2017

Fixing a broken Revit® family on a deadline is a sure way to increase your blood pressure. That is why it is a “best practice” in creating families to test each one before adding it to your libra … read more

Revit Add-Ins - Family Size Reporter

Posted by Yellowbryk on 10th Mar 2017

Do you suspect a family is slowing down your Revit® project? While some people have argued that family size is not an issue, I have dealt with several cases of “Revit is too slow!” where the solu … read more

Revit Add-Ins - Family Classification Manager

Posted by Yellowbryk on 3rd Mar 2017

We plan to have a series of posts related to add-ins that assist with managing your BIM content. The Classification Manager is first because it was published by Autodesk.The purpose of this app is … read more

Revit© Access Doors

Posted by Yellowbryk on 24th Jan 2017

Riddle: What kind of building has doors that you cannot walk through?Answer: A hospital. (Or a university science building, or an airport, or a multi-family residence.)How can all these buildin … read more