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Revit Add-Ins - Family Size Reporter

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Do you suspect a family is slowing down your Revit® project? While some people have argued that family size is not an issue, I have dealt with several cases of “Revit is too slow!” where the solution was finding and fixing a family.

Fortunately, now, there is a free Revit add-in that will help you track down large families. The Family Size Reporter from Spice Tools Technologies is now in a new release 2.0. This Revit app will scan an open Revit project and provide basic information about the loaded families.

The Family Size Reporter provides several basic, but powerful functions for cleaning project files:

  • List each family with its size
  • Ability to export to CSV file format for viewing in Excel® (new)
  • Ability to open or delete families from within the app (new)
  • Identification of nested families (new)
  • Ability to purge CAD layers (new)
  • Ability to delete CAD imports (new)

I really like being able to open the family from within the app. That way I can inspect the suspect Revit family as I'm working through the reporting. It is also helpful to export the CSV file if I choose to work on the issues at some other time, without having to re-run the app. I use this method to track down common nested families that may be hiding (nested in) multiple families.

Finally, you can get other add-ins that find CAD files, but they can cost hundreds of dollars. This one is free.

You can find the Family Size Reporter App at this link

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