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Revit Add-Ins - Family Editor Interface

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Fixing a broken Revit® family on a deadline is a sure way to increase your blood pressure. That is why it is a “best practice” in creating families to test each one before adding it to your library. A new Revit app, the Family Editor Interface makes this testing easier – maybe even fun.

The Family Editor Interface provides sliders so you can push and pull the family without having to repeat the “type parameter value / click apply” dozens of times during the “flex the family” testing.

The results from moving a slider are shown instantly in the graphics window. If your testing breaks your family, just click CANCEL in the “Error – Cannot be ignored” dialog box and then click RESTORE in the Family Editor Interface and you are back to the default parameters for the family.

One issue with this add-in is that only decimal numbers are displayed. It works fine with “feet and fractional inches” units, but doesn't display the numbers. No problem with metric. If you use imperial units and want to see numbers, just temporarily change project units to decimal inches and you can see the values as you flex the family.

This Revit add-in is free. It is available for download from the Autodesk® App Store.

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