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Revit Add-Ins - Family Classification Manager

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We plan to have a series of posts related to add-ins that assist with managing your BIM content. The Classification Manager is first because it was published by Autodesk.

The purpose of this app is to “...easily organize and manage your classification data across all of your Revit models, no matter which system you need. Quickly toggle between different classification systems [MasterFormat, UniFormat, OmniClass] to find the one you need and filter the list of available values based on the Revit family category.”

Having struggled through our first COBie project using the “brute force and awkwardness” method, I can tell you this app will save you lot's of time. Beyond COBie, it may be useful for collaborating with your project cost estimator, depending on the classification system they are using.

You will have to register the first time you use this product, but you can opt-out of follow-up emails. There are several features included that make this app more than a minimally useful:

  • Training videos showing workflow
  • You can apply one classification system (MasterFormat) OR you can update several systems at one time.
  • You can update the selected classification or just to the blank data fields, avoiding overwriting any tweaking you may have done previously.
  • Customization is easy. You can add to the existing classification tables or create your own using Excel.
  • Warning messages are displayed if some classifications could not be done. For example, If you chose to update multiple classifiction at one time, you could choose “Plumbing Fixtures” in MasterFormat, and there are multiple classifications possible in OmniClass or UniFormat. You will need to update those parameters manually.

You can find the Classification Manager App at this link.

Want to look first? Training videos are here.

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