Revit® 2018.2 Update - Two Things I Like

Revit® 2018.2 Update - Two Things I Like

Published by Yellowbryk on 7th Feb 2018

Sometimes it is the little things that count. Especially if they are those constant irritations that come from a frustrating Revit interface quirk.

The Revit 2018.2 update has a few things that have helped me to stop shouting “WHY? WHY? WHY?” (in my head). 

I'm covering only two of the improvements here because of my obsession with Revit families.

  • Remember Last Location (for loading families)
    • When working with furniture, or laying out toilet rooms, I used to take frequent breaks because I coundn't tolerate any more navigating through the folder structure to the same place over and over again.
    • This fix makes Revit remember the last location from where you loaded the last family. So small, yet so valuable.
  • Fill Pattern Dialog Improvement
    • There are a few good tweaks implemented here:
      • The Solid Fill pattern is at the top
      • Search for patterns
      • Multi-selection of patterns
      • Resizable dialog box that remembers the new size
      • Rescale a pattern without reloading
    • I like all these changes, but my favorite is the resizable dialog box. Now I can actually read the descriptive names I've so carefully crafted for my patterns.

If you haven't done so already, upgrade your Revit 2018 to Revit 2018.2.