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Free Revit Casework Families

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Students of Architecture or Interior Design, usually become familiar with standards for interior woodworking or architectural woodwork. In North America there are two prominent “institutes” that publish standards for design and construction of custom wood cabinetry – the Woodwork Institute (WI) and the Architectural Woodworking Institute (AWI).

These two institutes have collaborated on defining “The North American Architectural Woodwork Standards.” As part of these standards are a series of cabinet designs and associated construction standards call the Casework Design Series:

  • Base Cabinets without Drawers – 100 Series
  • Base Cabinets with Drawers – 200 Series
  • Wall Hung Cabinets – 300 Series
  • Tall Storage Cabinets – 400 Series
  • Tall Wardrobe Cabinets – 500 Series
  • Library Cabinets – 600 Series
  • Moveable Cabinets – 700 Series

What is important  is that the entire series has been implemented in Revit® families. There are over 230 families built to a single standard and with consistent look and behavior.

While you can go to the individual institute's website, we have decided to host the families here for our customers' convenience. When you download these Revit families from Yellowbryk, you get some improved features:

  • Upgraded to Revit 2015. The WI / AWI files were created in 2003.
  • A preview image for each file. The institute downloads do not have preview images.
  • Renamed the files to make them easier to find / select from the project browser. The institute files are named with just the number of each design.

These free Revit casework families are available for immediate download at

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