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What I like in Revit® 2019

Posted by Yellowbryk on 19th May 2018

For architects, there is not much discipline-specific improvement in 2019. But there are some nice interface improvements to get when you upgrade from Revit 2018 to Revit 2019: Multi-monitor s … read more

Free Revit Family Standards

Posted by Yellowbryk on 26th Feb 2018

You probably know it. Revit families are a mixed bag. Some are good. Some are dangerous. What they seem to lack most is consistency. Our industry cannot even get the naming of objects consist … read more
Revit® 2018.2 Update - Two Things I Like

Revit® 2018.2 Update - Two Things I Like

Posted by Yellowbryk on 7th Feb 2018

Sometimes it is the little things that count. Especially if they are those constant irritations that come from a frustrating Revit interface quirk.The Revit 2018.2 update has a few things that hav … read more
Elements of a BIM Content Strategy

Elements of a BIM Content Strategy

Posted by Yellowbryk on 23rd Sep 2017

I think I've made the case for a BIM content strategy in a previous post. Now the questions are, “What are the elements of a BIM content strategy?”; “How do the elements reduce time lost by profes … read more

Making the Case for a BIM Content Strategy

Posted by Yellowbryk on 12th Sep 2017

The GOOD news AND the BAD news is that your AEC project teams are resourceful. It is extremely fortunate that your project team is resourceful because that means they can respond to the unexpected cha … read more